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get involved in the global community

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I am one teen from a small suburban town in Canada... but my goal is to make the world a better place in anyway that I can even if I only affect one person's life.

My vision:

To create a zine containing contributions from people around the world that will give others ideas how to get involved and make a difference in the global community.

This community is an open call for submissions to the zine.

Feel free to also use this community as a place to discuss current events!

Outline for contributions to the zine:

I am creating a zine and I want your help. I am looking for content for the zine that I am creating. I am looking for articles - any style from Adbusters type to formal article to essay is fine. I would also love to have personal accounts of what action you have taken to improve the global community, art, editorials, editorial cartoons, basically anything that you think would work.

Your submissions can deal with a relatively new global issue, or a more ongoing topic. They can deal with what has been done, what is going to be done or what needs to be done to help - but all should have something to do with the theme of activism or making a difference. One suggestion would be to take a world issue, cover some background, and then make suggestions on what can be done.

Thank you!

Please post all submissions with the subject contribution. Please include your email address, or if you wish to keep it private - email me (shutterbug_f80@hotmail.com) with your address and specify which post you made. All contributions that are used in publication will be rewarded with a copy of the zine.

Just to clarify... this is going to be a print zine as well as a print zine.